The Midwest Center for Media Literacy has been fortunate to have the opportunity to produce a variety of documentary and short story work that addresses some of the  many social justice issues in our community.

Story Telling

We know that one of the most important tools any organization has is the ability to tell their story. We help craft stories into creative and compelling videos or print media that capture the attention of the audience and allow your voice to be heard.


The Midwest Center for Media, dba Studio-e, is a boutique production company, meaning that we contract with the most talented photographers, videographers, graphics, and sound professionals in the business.

 The Midwest Center for Media Literacy dba Studio-e is dedicated to two primary goals.

The first is educating young people about the enormous influences the media has on virtually every aspect of our lives. Our world is undated with messages. It takes understanding to make sense of the media world and practice to learn how to use the media, rather than be used by it.

Our second goal is to help our clients create and distribute media that helps shed light on their missions and that builds understanding and support for social justice.

Media is a powerful tool. It is our aim to help non-profit and government organizations harness the power of the media so that their voices can be heard.


Midwest Center For Media Literacy in St. Louis


Navigating the media world takes education. Because the media is so powerful in shaping attitudes, knowledge, and beliefs it is important to study how the media works. Critical thinking strategies are at the heart of our educational programming.

Producing  stories that make you think!